Why can't I call the 1300 number with my mobile or public phone?

Our 1300 number is only set up for landline callers please call our office on 03 9739 6300 Monday to Friday 10am- 4pm AEST. Normal mobile call charges will apply.

What will i be charged if I call the 1300 number from a landline?

You will only be charged a standard call charge. Its not a timed call.

Why isn't our town included in the tour or can the show come to our town?

We try our best to come to as many places as we can but sometimes we have limitations and restrictions such as  how many dates we can do, venues not being available, large travel times between places and the sizes of the town. 

Tours are planned upto 6 months in advance so once a tour is on sale no extra dates/towns can be added.

How can I find out when the shows are coming to a town close to me?

Join as a member of Kids Promotions and an email will be send to you advising you of tour dates & how can you book tickets. Our members are the first to know about the shows we do before the general avdertising starts.

When will the Play School Concerts be coming to my state?

We have a pretty set out timeline each year on where the Play School Concerts tour.

March - Victoria

May/June - Queensland

June/July - Some regional NSW, ACT

July/August - Tasmania / South Australia

September - Western Australia

September/October -Sydney some regional NSW

We have to do around 100 days a year so not all towns can be included each year alot of large regional centres are on a rotation of every 2-3 years.

* These time frames are only projections at this stage if you become a member of Kids Promotions we will send an email to you advising you of confirmed dates. We normally email our members upto 3 months to advise on sale dates and confirmed dates and how they can purchase tickets.