FAQsAt The Concert
How early should I arrive at the venue if I already have my tickets?


Please arrive at least 30-35 minutes prior to your show start time, to allow us to get everyone into the theatre in an orderly and safe fashion.

Also allow extra time for parking as some venues will have limited parking on site. 

When checking in, you can either show your tickets on your mobile phone or you can print them out and bring a hard copy. Ensure you have your tickets ready when you get to the door. 

Where is the Box Office at the concert?

We do not always have a designated Box Office area set up however, Kids Promotions staff both on the door and at the merchandise stand will be able to assist you with any ticketing issues or enquiries you may have. 

Can I bring in my pram or pusher into the concert?

Unfortunatley prams or pushers can't be brought into the auditorium due to our occupational health and safety policy.

We always endeavour to have a designated pram parking area available in the foyer of each venue so that prams will be safe throughout the shows duration. 

Can I take photos or videos of the show or my child whist the concert is on?

Unfortunately due to copy right laws video taping or recording is NOT permitted in the auditorium whilst the show is on. This also applies to recording children in the auditorium whilst the show is on.

Still photography is allowed at most shows with personal cameras and mobile phones for personal use only. Please ask the staff at the concert or listen out for an annoucement prior to the show commencing to reduce the risk of doing the wrong thing. 

Photos and videos may be taken in the venue outside of the performances duration and feel free to take advantage of any photo opportunities that are presented while you're with us. You can even use #kidspromotions when you post your photos on social media! 

Is there merchandise for sale at the concert?

Most of our shows will have merchandise for sale at the concert. It will either be sold in the foyer of the venue or in the auditorium itself.

If you would like to know what products are available for purchase before the day, click here or head to the Store section on our web page to have a browse through the many products!

Will the cast come out after the show to say hello?

Meet and greets will not be possible at all for the forseeable future.