Deadly 60 - Presale
We have had some real technical issues with the link for the ticketek venues.
If you are wanting to book for 
ACT Wednesday, 25 January • Canberra Llewellyn Hall
WA Friday, 27 January • Albany Entertainment Centre
WA Saturday, 28 January • Perth Riverside Theatre
please click the following link

You can also follow the links via the Deadly 60 website which lists all venues and links for the tour.
Click here

*the link inside the email seems to have issues for some people not allowing them to purchase 
* try also clearing your cache, and history as we are seeing some browsers remembering the old link.

Kids Promotions Facebook page has moved.

To our loyal Kids Promotions Fans.

We are moving…or at least our Facebook page is .

Yes we have opened up a new page called Kids Promotions Live 

Over the past few days we have been hacked and although we have regained access we are still not in full control of our site so we feel it Is best to start fresh on a new page.
This hacking has resulted in putting in place a number of extra safe guards to ensure security of the site is at the highest it can be on Facebook.
We are asking all of our fans to please unlike this page and come over and be a fan on our new page by Clicking this link.

We really appreciate your support during this time,
We hope that you will come with us 

Tuesday 11 August - Kids Promotions Facebook Page has been hacked.

Please note the Kids Promotions Facebook page was hacked yesterday at 10.30am. The hackers have posted inappropriate posts. We apologise for this, this was not us.
We are in the process of working through to regain access to our page -unfortunately this is a lengthy process - Facebook does not take phone calls , their support is all done online via email